3 Tips for Auto Body Dents & Scratches You Can Repair on Your Own

9 July 2015
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Dents and scratches can happen to appear on your car at any time. Cars are really susceptible to these auto body damages because of the fact that the auto body paint can easily chip and because not many people are careful to pay attention to their surroundings. Here are three tips for resolving these minor issues on your own:

Sand and Wax Scratches Before Paint: 

Scratches that are deep enough to show the primer underneath your car's paint color will need to be repaired carefully. You can't just simply paint over it since the scratch will still rise underneath the paint.

You will need to fill the scratch with filler that you can purchase from your local auto body shop. From here, you will need to allow the filler to dry and then sand it down so it is smooth against the surface. Be sure that you are using a fine sandpaper. Then you will want to wax the area until it shines that way this area won't appear dull compared to the rest of the vehicle's finish. 

Choose Paint Wisely: 

Look in the owner's manual of your vehicle in order to find the paint code of the paint used on the car. Your local auto parts store should have paint that is either a perfect match or at least will match as closely as possible. Luckily, if the scratch is small, then a paint that is only fairly similar won't stand apart from the rest of your car's finish.

However, if the scratch took up a large amount of space on your car, then you will probably want to take it to an auto body repair shop like Loewen Body Shop Ltd that can customize the paint to match perfectly. This will guarantee that your car's value stays high since there won't be any obvious signs of mismatching paint.

Pop Out Dents: 

Sometimes dents on your vehicle can easily be popped out. You can even purchase a dent suction cup that will help you to pop it out. However, if this doesn't work with the dent that you have, then you will need to have it filled. Filling dents can be challenging and it may be best to have an auto body repair shop do this for you if you cannot pop out the dent yourself. 

Now that you know how to take care of dents and scratches on your vehicle, you can be sure that you keep your vehicle's value high.