Is It Harmful? Identifying Foreign Substances Found During Your Home Renovation

10 July 2015
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When you find a foreign substance inside your home during a renovation, identifying it is your first goal. If you think the substance may be harmful, it is best to avoid touching it. First, you need to take a closer look and then research it online so you have a better idea of how dangerous it actually is.


During a renovation project, opening up a wall can come with several surprises, one of which is asbestos. When you own an older home, this substance can be inside the walls as insulation for pipes or electrical items. You may also find this material hidden under flooring or inside your ceiling.

If you think that the substance is asbestos, your first task is to determine which type it is. Not all asbestos is the same and a few types are not harmful unless they are cracked or breaking apart. Asbestos fibers are harmful when breathed in, which makes identification the key to handling this type of problem.

Chrysotile and amosite are two common asbestos types you can find in your home. Both are used in insulation products. These two types are tan or brown in color, which makes them easier to identify.

Other types of asbestos come in shades of blue, white and grey. Many products made with asbestos have a tough exterior. When they break, you may see small to large fibers coming away from the surface. If the substance you find matches these descriptions, you need to consult an asbestos abatement company such as Advanced Remediation Solutions Inc so they can remove it from your home.


When you remove flooring from kitchens and bathrooms, you may find small dots under the surface. Your first thought may be mold, and many people jump to the conclusion that it is harmful black mold. However, before you start thinking it is dangerous to be around, you should be aware of the different species of mold that exist.

In fact, you may find that what you have is harmless black mold, which is a cosmetic issue. With this type of mold, you do need to clean it off thoroughly. This can be a pretty large job, which is why you should consider hiring a mold removal company. These companies have the training and equipment to remove any type of mold found in your home.

During a renovation, you can find several foreign substances that scare you at first. By taking the time to learn what the substance is, you can figure out which methods are best for getting rid of it. If you discover that the substance is harmful, it is best to consult a company that has extensive experience in removing it from residential properties.