3 Things You Need To Know About Installing Vinyl Siding During The Winter

3 March 2016
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If you want to replace the siding on your home during the winter, it is entirely possible to put up new vinyl siding on your home. Here are a few things you need to know and keep in mind about installing vinyl siding when it is cold outside.

Vinyl Expands & Contracts With Changes In Temperature

Changes in temperature have a direct effect on vinyl siding. When it is cold outside, your vinyl will contract and shrink a little bit. When it is really hot outside, the vinyl on your home will expand. 

Most building materials expand and contract when the temperature changes. However, vinyl tends to react more than other materials to changes in temperature. Make sure you know exactly how much your vinyl siding expands when exposed to warmer temperatures. You will need this information in order to correctly install vinyl siding on your home during the winter months. 

Leave Room For Your Siding To Expand

When you install your vinyl siding, you need to make sure that you don't make it too snug. You need to leave enough space so that the vinyl can expand when it is warmer outside.

You need to be especially careful when installing your siding around both door and window casings. If you install the siding too close to your door and window casings, in the summer when it gets hot outside, the vinyl will expand. As the vinyl siding expands, it will hit the casing if it is positioned too close to it, and the siding will then start to buckle. You can prevent this problem by accounting for the expansion rate of the vinyl siding that you purchased.

Leave Room When You Nail Your Siding In Place

You also need to make sure that you leave room when you nail your vinyl siding in place. The nails you use to secure your vinyl siding with should never be extremely tight against the nailing fin. There should be a tiny bit of wiggle room built in between the nail and the nail fin. 

When you install your vinyl siding during the winter time, you may need to leave a slightly larger gap between the heat of the nail and the nail fin than is recommended. That way, when your vinyl expands in the summertime, the nail and nailing fin will not be too close together. You should be able to move your vinyl panel around a little bit, regardless of the temperature outside.

You can install new vinyl on the outside of your house during the winter months; just make sure that when you do, you take into account how much your vinyl siding will expand and you use that information to guide your installation process. 

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